syndrome donohue gomaialen II

Donohue syndrome, the rarest condition among the rare

We all are conscious of how complicated is to be victim or the be a relative of a rare condition. Dozens of different diagnosis, endless walks thorugh doctors offices, hospitals….And once the disease is discovered, consultations with experts, astronomical medical expenses and scarce help from the public institutions. Donohue Syndrome Donohue syndrome is an extremely

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volunteers day

Volunteers: the anonymous heroes

Thousand of anonymous volunteers make the daily effort of contributing with their knowledge and strength so hundreds of citizens deep into a labyrinth of difficulties can find the exit. The influence area is ample, as is the solidarity and tenacity that encourages them to build a better world. In Wholengo, we want to acknowledge the

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Idoia clemente lagun artean wholengo protagonists

Protagonists in the Social World: Idoia Clemente

In Wholengo we are interested in those people who are fighting against injustices and disasters. Many people admire the work of these professionals and people in the volunteering world who are constantly involved in “the cause”, but unfortunately, maybe this recognition isn’t the proper one. We created this section with the first of many protagonists, Gorka

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giving tuesday buddhist monk

November the 27th, Giving Tuesday

In Wholengo we talked about Fair Saturday as a social and cultural alternative to Black Friday. There are others like the French Green Friday that takes place on the same Friday and the Canadian Buy Nothing Day  that took place on the 25th of November. One that has attracted our attention is Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving

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Violence against women purple orange

25 November, international day against gender violence

In 2009, the UN launched the campaign Say NO – UNiTE, naming the 25th of each month as the Orange Day. This initiative wants to mobilise the civil society, activists and governments to put an end to gender violence. All people are encouraged to wear something with that colour that symbolises the end of that scourge.

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Fair saturday Vs black friday

Fair Saturday, an alternative to Black Friday

We all know about the concept of Black Friday. One day per year in which prices plummet and people buy compulsively. Luckily and from our very own Basque Country, a new initiative has been born to counteract the consumerism of Black Friday. It is called Fair Saturday. Fair Saturday was born on the 29th of November, 2014.

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